2 years ago

Devon’s Farm-to-Table Popup Dinner 2 August 2019

A great evening with 50 guests enjoying a scrumptious “Farm to Table” Culinary Wine Dinner. The pop-up location is rather ‘exciting’ that nite as we hv quite a no. of ðŸ‘® outside in case of riot. Nonetheless we had a wonderful time w our special guests from Cru & Whisky magazines introducing the wine pairings; followed by Whisky-tasting w Lobmeyr crystal glasses ðŸ¥ƒ.

5 years ago

大閘蟹。茗酒。樂宴 7 Oct 2016

「秋風起, 蟹腳肥」,被譽為 「蟹中之皇」的大閘蟹, 令人垂涎三尺的金黄色雌蟹膏, 和輕糯香醇的雄蟹脂, 加上肥美鮮甜的蟹肉, 確實美味無窮!