1 year ago

Happy Hour 18 Jan 2018

We will kick start 2018 with a happy hour at “JinJuu” which means in Korean “Pearl”. Its founded by celebrity Judy Joo, an American-born female Iron Chef & Korean TV star.

Featuring 3 hours of free flow ðŸ»ðŸ·ðŸ¥‚plus a selection of “Anju” (Bar Snacks) ðŸ¥¡for your imbibling pleasure! Come & experience the Fun sensation of Tradition fusing with Contemporary – both in Cuisine & Design ðŸ¥ƒðŸ‡°ðŸ‡·ðŸ¥ƒðŸ‡°ðŸ‡·ðŸ¥ƒðŸ‡°ðŸ‡·